Finding blogs, and then TpT allowed me to start to relax a little in the classroom. I was finally able to sleep at night, I didn't work from sun up to sun down planning lessons and organizing work for my students. 

Eventually I began to tentatively create my own resources as I discovered what it was my students needed and I would share the resources on TpT in hopes that I was able to help teachers that way I had been helped. I named my little TpT store "4 the Love of Math" because I wanted my store to be a way I shared math with students - in hopes that they would come to love it the way I do.

Summer of 2013 I spent hours and hours creating resources for my classroom and along the way added those to TpT too. Thanks to TpT I have been able to connect with educators all over the world. I have met some fantastic people via TpT and now through other channels, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. 

I love connecting with educators all over the world. It takes away feelings of isolation that sometimes come when you are teaching. 

4 the Love of Math started in August of 2012. 

I was teaching 8th grade math for the first time, in an entirely new to me city. 

It was a struggle! I had no idea what I was doing. Middle school was so much different than high school. I didn't truly understand where my 8th grade students should be. I had taught Algebra, but wasn't aware of what my 8th grade math students needed to prepare them for Algebra. 

One desperate night, around 4am (when I had a 6am wake up call) I turned to my trusty friend Google for help. Upon Googling I found a blog all about teaching math. That blog became a lifeline for me! 

Eventually I found my way to TpT (thanks to the free time I had that came with discovering a blog full of helpful ideas) and was in awe. Back in 2012 resources available were limited, but it was great just the same!

About 4 the Love of Math®